Beljhundi COVID Hospital: We do not have oxygen, we cannot admit anyone

DANG: COVID Hospital Beljhundi has informed that the COVID  infected could no longer be admitted. The manager of the hospital Drona Oli made an appeal on social media saying that they could not admit more people due to lack of oxygen.

“Since there is not enough oxygen please do not recommend or pressurize us for taking admission,” he wrote on Facebook. “Admitting more patients is endangering the lives of the patients being treated.”

According to him, the number of beds in the hospital has been increased to 100 and 57 infected people are undergoing treatment. However, 45 lives are at risk due to lack of oxygen.

Manager Oli said that additional infected people could not be admitted as there was no provision of oxygen as required. He has also appealed to all stakeholders for proper management of oxygen.


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