CDO and SP of Sindhupalchowk infected, giving command from isolation

CHAUTARA: Under the central structure for coronavirus infection control, the district level COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (DCCMC) is headed by the Chief District Officer (CDO). Its members include the district police chief and the health chief.

While conducting COVID prevention, mitigation and awareness activities in the district, Arun Pokhrel and SP Rajan Adhikari of Sindhupalchowk got infected and are giving command on the district from isolation.

Chief District Officer Arun Pokhrel has been isolated in the government quarters after being diagnosed with COVID infection a week ago. The SP officer has been suffering from an infection for three days. He is also in the same quarter . Both commanders are obliged to take the lead through isolation, even if they have to rest while sitting in home isolation.

“The first few days were a little difficult, but the vaccination didn’t make it very uncomfortable,” said the probation officer. Regular work has not stopped even while living in isolation.

Pokharel said that he was not physically present in the office but was making decisions and giving instructions through virtual means. “We have been holding continuous discussions with all the members of the DCCMC through group chats to discuss and hold meetings on what to do for COVID control and prevention,” Pokhrel explained.

Pokharel said that apart from COVID, there were some issues including the extension of time, but they were resolved through isolation.

Police Chief SP Rajan Adhikari is now in isolation for the second time. SP Adhikari said that there was no problem for the police commander to work in isolation while the police had to be deployed in the field 24 hours a day.

“We always work in teamwork, the team is still working. It is not only possible to be physically present in the office, but we can meet and discuss with other commanders at a certain distance if required,” said the SP official.

He says that he is carrying the responsibility with high morale even though he is living in isolation. In response to the question, What would be the morale of the subordinates when the police commander is in isolation? the official said, “Even the morale of a police officer in the district has not decreased. On the contrary, youths have been calling me daily to keep my morale high.”

The SP official said that there was no problem even in isolation as the morale of not only himself but also the entire team was high due to the encouragement of everyone.


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