All flights of Yeti airlines for today to operate as scheduled

KATHMANDU: Leading airlines Yeti Airlines and Tara Air have stated that all flights for today will operate as scheduled. 

Earlier, after discussions between the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and airline operators, Yeti was permitted 10 flights as only 1 flight is allowed every 20 minutes, to meet flight safety and health standards.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers this evening decided to close domestic flights after 12 AM on Tuesday.  The airlines have also urged passengers to contact them as soon as possible. 

According to Sudarshan Bartaula, Spokesperson of Yeti Airlines, as all flights will be stopped from tomorrow, the demand from passengers to fly today has increased and all flights have been kept as per flight safety and health standards.

“Due to the quota system, our flights to some destinations had to be canceled. However, all scheduled flights for today will remain as they are,” Bartaula said.

Today, Yeti Airlines has scheduled 25, and Tara Air scheduled 8 flights for various destinations from Tribhuvan International Airport. All domestic airlines have kept today’s pre-determined flight schedule unchanged. Buddha Air, Shree Air, Saurya Air, and other regular flights will not be affected.

According to Yograj Kandel, Spokesperson of the Airline Operators Association, the number of passengers is extremely high today after the announcement that air travel services will be stopped from tomorrow. 


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