Stricter COVID-19 control measures issued

One-week lockdown imposed in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: A lockdown has been imposed in all the three districts of Kathmandu Valley beginning from 6 AM on 29th April to 12 midnight on 5th May. 

All the three district administration offices issued an order on Monday evening calling for the control of COVID and said that all areas except essential services including transport and private business establishments will be closed. 

The administration has also banned the operation of public and private vehicles during the period.

The order also bans vehicles except those carrying essential goods, ambulances carrying patients and caretakers (up to two people), and vehicles used by health workers and security forces from entering the district.

It has also been decided to operate essential services such as ambulance, drinking water, health, food, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, banks, financial institutions, telecommunications, internet, quarantine and isolation centers, waste management and other means of transportation conditionally.  


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