Three coronavirus infected jump off and flee from running ambulance

KAILALI: In Kailali, three infected with coronavirus have fled from a running ambulance.

Dinesh Thakulla, In-Charge of the health desk, informed that three Indian nationals who were passing through Trinagar border jumped from an ambulance taking them into isolation and fled after COVID-19 infection was confirmed in them on Thursday. 

9 people came to Nepal from Paliya, India as workers. Antigen tests at the border confirmed that 6 of them were not infected. 3 people were being taken to isolation after infection was found. 

Reluctant to go to isolation, they fled from the road.

“I was driving at high speed when they suddenly jumped,” said ambulance driver Dinesh Lama. “When I tried to stop them, they ran into the forest.” 7 people in the ambulance were infected. 4 of them have been kept in isolation. 


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