Reuters gets first female Editor-In-Chief in 170 years of establishment

KATHMANDU: For the first time, the prestigious news agency Reuters has received its first female Editor-In-Chief. The 170-year-old news agency has appointed Alessandra Galloni as its next Editor-In-Chief.

Galloni, 47, of Rome, will replace current Editor-In-Chief Stephen J. Adler. Adler, who has held the post for the past decade, is due to step down next month.

Under Adler’s editorial leadership, Reuters has won more than 100 journalism awards, including seven Pulitzer Prizes. Galloni, who speaks four languages, has previously covered business and political news in Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.

With 2,450 journalists, Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the world. Since 2008, Reuters has transformed into a Thomson Reuters Cup company that works in the areas of software development, advocacy, corporations and tax services, along with information flow.

The company has so far maintained the highest share price in the strategy of Reuters Chief Executive Officer Steve Hasker. Reuters CEO Hasker said in a statement that the company would be committed to “determined and impartial journalism” in the coming days. 


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