Girl making false rape allegations imprisoned, accused to be compensated

GHORAHI: A girl who had lodged a complaint with the police claiming that she was gang-raped has gone to jail after changing her statement.

Two girls who had lodged a complaint at the District Police Office on 26th September alleging that three youths of Ghorahi had gang-raped them had changed their statement saying that they had not been raped, and lodged the complaint to cause them trouble. 

A bench of Dang Deukhuri District Court Judge Ritendra Thapa decided to reverse the statement. 

Judge Thapa’s bench on 5th April ruled that the case was a waste of court time and harmed the province’s human resources and time by filing a false case. One of the girls was released as she is a minor. The other girl is sentenced to one month in prison, and the accused are to receive a compensation of Rs. 25 thousand each, according to the information on the decision provided by Dhan Singh Giri of the District Court.  


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