NELTA Morang takes lead to train English language teachers

ITAHARI: ”If you want to be a boring teacher, follow these nine ideas,” said Gunaraj Nepal to the hall-packed participants quoting Prodromou, ”Assume students know nothing, sit still, be predictable, speak in a monotone, let students
do no
thing, teach the textbook, be right all the time, lose your students and keep talking.”

Nepal, also the chair of Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) Morang district chapter, was presenting on the theme titled ‘At the Heart of Teaching: Ecology, Engagement and Innovation” Saturday afternoon at the auditorium hall of Merryland College Biratnagar. His half-hour-long presentation talked about the best ways of teaching in interactive and innovative ways. 

Nepal was one of the three presenters presenting in the one-day-long seminar and workshop, titled ‘On becoming a teacher: Early Career, Sustainability and Growth’.  Other two presenters were Associate Professor Motikala Subba Dewan and Indra Chauhan. 

Dewan presented on ‘Reading Comprehension in ESL Teaching’ and Indra Chauhan’s presentation was titled ‘Becoming a Resourceful Teacher: What Does That Mean for the ELT Classroom?’

Facilitators on the ‘spark session’ were Babita Parajuli, Dipak Puri, Shiv Kumar Tajpuria, Pratiksha Khatiwada, Hemantaraj Dahal. Professor Emeritus and poet Vishnu Rai delivered the keynote speech at the seminar and workshop. He cautioned against what he called ‘rising and shining stars’ in English language teaching fraternity, ”We need to go beyond English. We must not be like English. We must stay Nepali.” 

NELTA Morang said the privately run and funded function was hosted to boost teaching prowess of English language teachers. Teachers from Morang, Sunsari, Jhapa and Ilam were among the attendees of the function. 

After concluding the function, NELTA Morang chair Nepal remarked, ”The blending of centre and locals was real and productive for some good reasons. We were so happy to learn that youths are more, a lot more promising. I am now very optimistic: Teachers can make a difference. Innovation is real.” 

Umesh Bhandari, an attendee from Itahari also echoed Nepal. He added, ‘For government-funded community schools’ teachers, there are some sorts of training. However, for private schools’ teachers, there is not much training to boost their English language command and teaching prowess. NELTA has come to plug in this void to an extent.” 

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