Pollution hits record high

Weather conditions unlikely to improve soon

KATHMANDU: The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has said that current weather conditions will continue to remain hazy for at least the upcoming three days.

The atmosphere is getting drier due to scant rainfall and different parts of the country have witnessed unusual haze in the recent days. The atmosphere in most of the parts of the country has remained stable and the particles of pollution exist in the lower part of the atmosphere leading to unusually hazy days.      

In a statement on Monday, Spokesperson at the Department, Suman Kumar Regmi said that raging wildfires in many places across the country added to the atmospheric pollution lately.

The smog blanketing the Kathmandu Valley since last Friday due to air pollution caused by wildfires in most of the districts has severely affected normal life. The polluted air has also declined visibility. 

The Department has requested people not to leave home and compulsorily use masks and maintain further alertness in case of leaving home to combat the effects of air pollution.

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