COVID-19 and Education

Educational institutions are COVID hotspots: Ministry of Health

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health has said that the educational institution is becoming a hotspot for COVID-19. In a regular media briefing, spokesperson Jageshwar Gautam said that schools and colleges are affected by the virus.

According to him, the number of COVID patients has increased in various hospitals including Teku and most of them are college and school teachers. He informed that schools and colleges have been infected recently due to COVID. As a result, they are planning to close schools and colleges.

Spokesperson Gautam also urged for the mandatory implementation of public health standards in schools. He also said that the implementation of public health standards in educational institutions has been weak.

The public has been disobeying the Ministry of Health order not to overcrowd and to implement the standards. Experts say the second wave of COVID could follow if the situation continues.


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