Pollution in valley hits record high

Health Ministry urges people not to leave their homes except for urgent matters

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a public alert urging the Kathmandu Valley denizens not to go out of their homes except for urgent work in view of the increased level of air pollution in the Valley spurred by the change in weather.

In a public appeal on Friday, the Ministry’s Associate Spokesperson Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari advised people not to go out of their home barring emergency works as various health problems could occur including difficulty in breathing due to the air pollution, and in case one needs to go out, to do so putting on a face mask.

Dr Adhikari urged people not to drive their vehicles unless it is urgently required, and to help reduce the air pollution likely to be caused by the operation of vehicles or factories. He has advised people not to sit in, play or go for morning walks in the open space outside the home.

The Ministry of Health has reminded all to take special care of children, the seriously ill and senior citizens in such situations. It has also called for proper management of waste and not to keep the waste piling up, and to stop, for some days, construction works and vocations that result in the production of dust and smoke.

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