Sexual comments against Komal Oli

Women’s rights activists object to Raghuji Panta’s statement

KATHMANDU: Women’s rights activists have objected to the statement made by Prachanda-Madhav CPN leader Raghuji Panta towards National Assembly MP Komal Oli.

They say that it is disturbing that comments are made on women’s body parts more than their abilities.

“It is socially disturbing that patriarchal rights are so important and ostentatious that they equate women’s existence with usefulness and consumption,” the statement says. “It is unsettling that the position of women, who constitute half of the population, is underestimated and their abilities and strengths are not evaluated independently. Remember that there is a very low participation of women in places of political importance.” 

They also said that commenting on women’s body and sexuality was a violation of human rights. “It is a violation of human rights to make negative comments that affect people’s self esteem. To say that a woman engages in politics in a way that focuses on her body and sexuality and hurts their self-confidence,” they said. “This expression is against the self-respect, freedom and human rights of ordinary women. We condemn and openly oppose the use of women’s bodies and sexuality in politics, ridicule and mockery by anyone.”

Among those issuing the statement are the Women’s Network for Social Justice, the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders, and the Intergenerational Feminist Network. 


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