I will go to court against Raghuji’s derogatory remarks: Komal Oli

KATHMANDU: Popular singer and National Assembly member Komal Oli has said that her character assassination attempt was made by Raghuji Panta and thus she will go to court for justice.

Oli, who is currently in Dang, informed that she would knock on the doors of the police and the court as soon as she returned to Kathmandu.

“I am discussing the issue now. Everyone has suggested going through a legal process,” she told Nepal Press.

Komal said that Panta’s statement was insulting not only to her but also to all Nepali women. He says that this reflects the attitude towards women involved in politics.

“I never imagined such a vile thought from him,” she said. “If I keep quiet about it, other women will be accused in the same way tomorrow.”

Some people on social media have commented that KP Oli nominated you to the National Assembly without any political contribution. In response to this question from Nepal Press, Komal clarified as follows:

“The allegation that KP Oli baselessly brought me to the National Assembly is completely false. I have been recommended by the committee. First, the District Committee recommended me. Then I was nominated by the Provincial Committee. After the Standing Committee passed this, the path is finally open for me to reach the National Assembly. Why didn’t Raghuji Panta stop me during the Standing Committee’s decision? Is it possible to accuse me just because the parties are different?”

Oli says that the party has honored her for her contribution in entertainment.

“The National Assembly is a place to select people who have contributed in various fields. UML has admitted me based on my contribution to entertainment. The dignity and scope of work of the National Assembly is different. There I am fulfilling my responsibilities by raising my voice on many issues. I am speaking on behalf of the people. I am also helping the government. I am one of the MPs who has the most amendment proposals. He probably does not know the role I played in the National Assembly,” she said.

According to Oli, women leaders of the Prachanda-Nepal faction should also support the legal battle they are fighting.

“They should also raise their voices, because in the future they may have to face similar allegations,” Oli said. She mentioned that she had a good relationship with leader Panta before.

“He has been known since he was the Prime Minister’s Press Adviser. I respected him. I used to call him my brother. He has deeply hurt me today.” Oli said.


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