House Dissolution

Members of Parliament to get paid for dissolved period, receiving 3 months’ salary at once 

KATHMANDU: The salaries of the Members of the dissolved Parliament is going to be resumed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. They will also receive the salary of the time between the dissolution and reinstatement.

As soon as the House of Representatives was dissolved on 20th December, the salary facility of 275 honorable persons was stopped. The House of Representatives has been reconstituted by the Supreme Court on 23rd February. Now, the parliamentarians are going to get the salary of December/January (Poush) and January/February (Magh) at the time of dissolution of the House of Representatives at the same time. 

Spokesperson of the House of Representatives Rojnath Pandey said that the salaries of the parliamentarians of December/January (Poush) and January/February (Magh) would be added to that of February/March (Falgun). 

“Usually they get paid in the last week of each month. The salary for the month of December/January (Poush) and January/February (Magh) will now go along with that of February/March (Falgun)”, Pandey told Nepal Press. 

Each Parliamentarian earns about Rs 65,000 a month from salary and allowances. In this regard, about 18 million rupees is spent monthly on the salary and allowance of the members of the House of Representatives.

Rs. 357.50 million in total of December/January (Poush) and January/February (Magh), and Rs. 178.75 million of February/March (Falgun) adds up to Rs. 536.25 million, which has to be spent from the Federal Reserve Fund at once for the salary of MPs. 


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