Financial burden decreases after elections cancelled, Commission to receive spent amount only 

KATHMANDU: With the Supreme Court annulling the election announced by the government, the Finance Ministry has been relieved of a huge financial burden. The Commission had demanded a budget of Rs. 7 Billion for the elections.

Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel said that resources had been managed for the budget requested by the Commission. He said that the budget for the election had been allocated by cutting down current expenditure.

The decision of the Supreme Court has raised concerns about what will happen to the amount now that there will be no elections in the country. The Ministry of Finance has not released the Rs. 7 billion budget.

Dhaniram Sharma, Chief of the Budget and Programs Division of the Ministry, told Nepal Press that he only agreed to the directives of the Election Commission.

“The budget has not been released, we have agreed to the directive of the Election Commission. The Election Commission should pay for some of the expenses incurred,” he said. 

He said that the expenses incurred by the Election Commission should be paid within the amount agreed with the Finance Ministry.

Out of Rs. 7 Billion, about Rs 320 million was demanded immediately. The Ministry of Finance pays for the expenses incurred by the Commission. Nothing else needs to be given,” said Sharma.

He says that there is a difference between agreeing to the budget and releasing it. The Ministry of Finance has to surrender the unspent budget by 28th March. The Ministry of Finance has informed that it is preparing to give the budget to the Commission on the basis of the same non-expenditure heading. 


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