618 more deaths from COVID, 400000 vaccinated 

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health has added 618 deaths to the COVID-19 toll. At a press briefing organized by the Ministry of Health, Spokesperson Jageshwar Gautam said that the death toll has been updated and will increase in the future.

In the last 24 hours, 3,692 PCR tests have been done. Of these, 94 infections have been confirmed. In the Kathmandu Valley, 2 in Bhaktapur, 12 in Lalitpur and 33 in Kathmandu, a total of 47 infections have been confirmed. There are currently 1,555 actively infected people.

So far, the total number of infected people in Nepal is 273,760 and the total number of deaths is 2,066. By updating this number, the ministry has added 618 deaths. The total death toll has reached 2,684. The deceased has been added based on the information of CCMC, which is in charge of managing the body.

According to the Ministry, the number of people vaccinated has reached 429,705 so far. The government has vaccinated 85 percent of the target group, of which 6,789 are journalists.

Citizens above the age of 55 will be vaccinated from 7th March, including drivers and co-drivers. The Ministry of Health has stated that there are no serious side effects of the Covishield vaccine used in Nepal. 


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