Parliament Reinstated

PM’s mood: Not resigning, facing the parliament 

KATHMANDU: Opposition groups called for PM Oli’s resignation after the Supreme Court overturned the dissolution of the House of Representatives. However, Prime Minister KP Oli is in the mood to face parliament without resigning.

Other factions of the CPN are calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister on moral grounds after the court overturned his move. The Prime Minister has not yet made a formal statement on the issue. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Oli’s government.

The Prime Minister’s birthday was being celebrated in Baluwatar when the Supreme Court’s decision came yesterday. Leading party leaders and ministers were present. According to a source, in an informal discussion between the leaders after the meeting, Prime Minister Oli expressed his intention to face the parliament instead of resigning.

Last night, people close to the Prime Minister wrote a status on social media and indicated that Oli would not resign. Press Adviser to the Prime Minister Surya Thapa has clearly stated that the Prime Minister will face the House of Representatives and will not resign immediately.

The Prime Minister implements the decision by facing the House of Representatives. He will not resign immediately, he wrote on Facebook.

Talking to Nepal Press, Thapa said that there was no reason for the Prime Minister to resign now. Manmohan Adhikari faced the no-confidence motion against him when even he fell from a helicopter and was admitted to the hospital. Oli will also face the motion the same way.

Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel of the Oli government has expressed dissatisfaction over the decision. He writes, “After the stalemate in the running of the government, the political efforts of the Prime Minister to go to the sovereign people and resolve it through fresh mandates have been thwarted under the cover of law.” The decision of the Supreme Court will further destabilize and complicate the politics of the country. Even if the decision is accepted, it cannot be respected. ‘

Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister Bishnu Rimal has also tweeted the same intention. He said, “Everyone should abide by the decision of the esteemed Supreme Court regarding the issue of dissolution of the House of Representatives.” However, this decision does not solve the ongoing political problem.

Leader close to Oli and former speaker Subash Nemwang says the Prime Minister has not said anything about his resignation. He told Nepal Press, “He has not said anything about that now. He has said that he will abide by the decision of the Supreme Court.

The statement of Mahesh Basnet, a leader close to Oli, that the Prime Minister still has a ‘chance to score a new goal’ also indicates that he will not resign. He expressed the view that the divided groups of the CPN should be united again.

“One goal has hit the pole and come back, the chance to score a new goal is in your hands,” Basnet wrote. “Take the country from the direction of the equation to the direction of integration. Return the dividers to the process of unity. Guide those who kill for position, money, and prestige to the path of righteousness. Make politics free from distortions and inconsistencies. You will have the strong support from all of us.” 

Though those close to him have indicated that he will not resign, a firm opinion within the Oli faction will be formed after the 11 AM standing committee meeting. Oli had called a meeting of the standing committee for 11 AM. today. This is the first meeting of the Oli-affiliated standing committee after the party split. Of the 44 permanent members in the CPN, 16 are in favor of Oli. 

Oli has called a meeting of his party’s standing committee to discuss the latest political developments. This will bring forth a concrete decision about his future steps.


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