Youths bound to foreign countries for employment amidst COVID pandemic

KARNALI: The global pandemic of coronavirus is still highly prevalent. Some countries have continued tough lockdown measures against the virus. 

Though Nepal has recently placed COVID-19 vaccination drive, the fear psychology of the virus is still gripping the people. Against the backdrop, the number of youths abound to foreign countries has not declined. 

As many as 1,373 youths have obtained passports in Surkhet since the beginning of the pandemic. Among them 492 youths received the passport through fast track, according to the data of the Surkhet District Administration Office (DAO). 

Information Officer of the DAO Shree Shumsher Rana said the exodus to foreign countries has not come down due to limited job opportunities in the country. “Those returning home during high prevalence of coronavirus even are bound to travel to their earlier labour destinations when the pandemic is still a menace”. 

Youths have again resorted to go abroad in the delay of running income generation and employment programmes targeting migrant returnees in their home country, he said. 

According to the Labour and Employment Office, over 200 youths of Karnali have obtained re-work permit in the last six months. While going through the recent three years statistics, the number of youths of Karnali obtaining work permits is on an increasing trend. 

The Labour and Employment Office shared that total 926 youths had obtained work permits in the fiscal year 2075/76 BS. The number has increased to 2,026 in the fiscal year 2076/77 BS, shared office chief Sunita Darlami. Most of those obtaining re-work permit are abound to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and Malaysia. Number of youths moving to India is no less than those going to gulf countries for employment.

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