Vaccination Drive

Private companies can now bring vaccines while government to provide free of cost 

KATHMANDU: The government has started the process by which the vaccine against COVID can be brought by private companies. However, the government will not buy these vaccines. 

Speaking at a press conference at the Ministry of Health on Thursday, Minister for Health and Population Hridayesh Tripathi said that a criteria would be set to allow private companies to bring vaccines.

According to him, the vaccine of a private company can be given for private purposes. However, he said that the government itself would buy the vaccine and provide it free of cost. Vaccines brought by the government will be free and will be given to people who meet the criteria.

Minister Tripathi said that arrangements will be made so that private companies can bring it for private purposes. The government has recently started the process of buying 2 million doses of vaccine from India.

It is said that the vaccine will arrive in Nepal within two weeks. The government is disbursing Rs 1 billion through the Ministry of Finance for vaccination. Chinese vaccines have also been allowed for emergency use. China has also donated 500,000 doses of the vaccine.


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