Valentine Offers by Hotels in Pokhara: From the lake to the sky

POKHARA: Pokhara is a destination that thrives with domestic as well as foreign tourists. Lots of tourists enjoy the view of the snow capped peaks from the city. It is also a dream getaway and destination for many.

Pokhara is especially popular during the New Year and Dashain-Tihar. Apart from this, during Valentine’s Day, loving couples also have a large presence in the city.

Although there was less activity this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, few hotels in Pokhara have brought special Valentine’s Day offers.

Entrepreneurs say that small hotels and restaurants have not been able to bring special offers this year as in previous years due to the closure of shops for a long time, and as the devastation post COVID has not yet subsided.

The Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day. At this time, the Chinese used to visit Nepal. “Indians also used to come to Pokhara at the same time,” said Bikal Tulachan, Director of the Fairmount Hotel, who is also the President of the Western Hotels Association.

Only limited hotels and restaurants in Pokhara have brought offers aimed at Valentine’s Day, said Tulachan. They have brought discounts on packages offered by hotels and restaurants from boat rides to live music. Besides this, hotels and restaurants in Pokhara have not brought other offers.

Melody Lounge and Cafe in Chipledhunga of Pokhara, which was closed due to the COVID pandemic, is reopening targeting Valentine’s Day. The Manager Ram Gurung said that they have brought offers ranging from live music to love ghazals targeting Valentine’s Day. He said, “We are reopening Melody, that has been closed for a long time. Targeting February 14, we have decided to recite ghazals to couples along with the performance of a famous artist from Pokhara.”

Pokhara Lakeside-based Raniban Arcade has brought a ‘couple offer’ targeting Valentine’s Day. Hari Bhujel, Director of the hotel, informed that a one-hour boat ride facility has been added to a package worth Rs. 5000 for couples. At other times, couples pay up to Rs. 14000 for the same package.

“Valentine’s Day is the time for more couples to come to Pokhara. We have brought some packages targeting them at this time,” Bhujel said , “We have brought an offer for couples to go around Fewa Lake.”

During Valentine’s Day, hotels around Pokhara are full and not just in Lakeside. Places like Kahundanda, Sarangkot, Lovely Danda, Pumdi Bhumdi, White Stupa etc. around Pokhara are chosen as “dating spots”.

There is no shortage of couples that want to fly in the sky during Valentine’s Day. The Bagaincha Hotel in Pokhara has brought a couple Ultralight offer for couples who want to enjoy the air of Pokhara.

Pom Narayan Shrestha of the hotel said that the hotel has brought Ultralight offer with 50 percent discount in the package. He said, “We have brought an offer for couples to fly at Rs. 9000.”


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