Farmer's Agitation in India

India objects to pop star Rihanna’s remarks, calls it a celebrity propaganda

KATHMANDU: Pop star Rihanna has spoken out in support of Indian farmers’ protests through Twitter, sparking a wave of protests around the world. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, without taking her name, has called this a ‘Celebrity Propaganda’. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said in a statement that there was no truth in what the international celebrity has said. It is also mentioned that some individuals and groups with vested interests are inciting against the Indian Constitution and the government. 

Mentioning hashtags India Together and India Against Propaganda, the statement urged farmers to link the demonstration with Indian democracy and its essence. After Rihanna tweeted a news by CNN, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut called her a fool.

CNN reported that India had banned internet services around Delhi to stop farmers’ protests. 


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