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Microsoft Lists App Available on iOS, Android Version Coming Little Later

Microsoft Lists, an app in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, is now available on iOS and users can download it from the App Store. This is a commercial app based on the organisation’s subscription to Office 365 with data backed up on Azure cloud.


The app essentially helps users keep a track of information and organise work into simple lists that can be distinguished by templates, colours, and so on.

The Microsoft Lists app for iOS gives users access to the lists they own and also the ones that have been shared with them. Users can also create new lists, edit list items, and easily share with other people.


As per a blog post by Microsoft, Microsoft Lists app for iOS is a “simple, smart, and flexible” way to “track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more to keep everyone in sync from anywhere”.

The app has various use cases and especially helps people collaborate for work on the go. To recall, the app was announced at Build 2020 last year, with and plans to include it in the Teams Web client and apps were announced soon after.

Microsoft Lists allows users to make lists from ready-made templates, from an Excel file, or from an existing list. The app for iOS also supports offline data consumption and has a dark mode. Microsoft says that in order to sign in, a user’s organisation needs to have an Office 365 commercial subscription. Microsoft says that it is working on a Microsoft Lists app for Android and that it will have “more to share later this year”.


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