Chinese search giant Baidu joins hands with Geely for Electric cars

  • Chinese internet giant Baidu forms key partnership with carmaker Geely to create an electric vehicle company.
  • Geely will be manufacturing the vehicles, and Baidu will focus on the software and technology for the car.
  • Chinese electric automakers Nio, Li Auto and Xpeng Motors, reported increased sales in December. Baidu hoping to cash-in on the trend.

GUANGZHOU, China: Chinese internet giant Baidu has formed a strategic partnership with automaker Geely to create a standalone electric vehicle unit, the companies confirmed to the media.

The new subsidiary will operate as an independent unit of Baidu, the company reported. Beijing-based Baidu will hold majority shares while automaker Geely takes a minority stake.

Geely will be manufacturing the vehicles. Baidu will provide the software and AI technology in the car. Chinese search major Baidu has been testing its autonomous driving software – Apollo, in advanced robo-taxi trials.

Baidu will also contribute its map app and voice assistant technology called DuerOS, inside the vehicle.

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, said, “China has become the world’s largest market for EVs (electric vehicles), and we are seeing EV consumers demanding next-generation vehicles to be more intelligent.”

The electric car market continues to become more competitive with companies ramping up production and release of new vehicles.


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