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New Lockdowns begin in Scotland and UK over rise in new variant cases

London: According to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the upcoming weeks may be the most difficult ones for the UK as 58,784 coronavirus cases were reported on Monday, with the new variant spreading rapidly.  

People must now stay at home except for a few reasons as schools have been closed in England, Scotland and Wales while Northern Ireland will continue remote learning practices. Hospitals are under tremendous pressure and people are only allowed to move outside their homes for medical needs, food shopping, exercise and work that cannot be done at home. 

In England, the lockdown is expected to last until Mid-February and Scotland will be reviewing the rules at the end of January. PM Johnson also said that all care home residents and their carers, everyone aged 70 and over, all frontline health and social care workers, and the extremely vulnerable shall be offered a dose of the vaccine by Mid-February. 

Source: BBC 


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