Remembering Madan Bhandari, Badal said, “We have the right policy and leadership.”

After the split of the CPN (Maoist), there was a competition among the then UML leaders to remember Madan Bhandari and to find who is entitled to his legacy.

Earlier, Prachanda used to bring up the context of Madan Bhandari in his speeches. But on Saturday, Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, a commander of the then Maoist People’s War, also remembered Madan Bhandari.

Addressing a gathering of district-level cadres organized by the Oli-affiliated CPN (Maoist) at Kamaladi in Kathmandu, Badal remembering Madan Bhandari said that the party and the country need the right ideas, the right policy and the right program

Addressing the gathering with the participation of most of the former UML members, Badal recalled how comrade Madan Bhandari had said that success is ensured by choosing the right ideas, right policies and leadership which is not in any book and not in the wheel of Marxism.

Badal said that a faction of the CPN (Maoist) had split from the party when the government was moving ahead with the right policy and leadership to fulfil the aspirations of a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis.


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