Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav expressed that the dissolution of the parliament has pushed the country towards uncertainty

On the occasion of National Reconciliation Day, Former President Yadav addressed an event stating that the dissolution of parliament has long-term effects on democracy and constitution, pushing it towards uncertainty.

He further explained that it is the responsibility of all citizens to correct this unconstitutional move and that believers of democracy have faith in the court. It is an institution of hope and trust for the general public.

Recalling the events of 2033 B.S, when BP Koirala and Ganesh Man Singh returned to Nepal with the policy of reconciliation for democracy and peace, Dr Yadav expressed that regional politics have become more complicated today. In the context where international attention has been drawn towards the country’s political scenario, he emphasized the responsibilities of democratic institutions to fulfil their duties. Analyzing the geopolitical and contemporary situation, he also stated that if effective foreign policy changes are not brought about, the country shall remain in turmoil.


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