ANEM announces to take legal action for unrestrained slogans against the President and Prime Minister

Akhil Nepali Mahila Sangh (ANEM) is going to take legal action against the anarchic remarks made against the President. This information was given by ANEM at a press conference in Kathmandu on Friday.

Sita Poudel, Deputy Co-ordinator of ANEM, said that the slogans chanted in the streets against the President were not only indecent but also an attack on the dignity of women.

She said that a plan has been formulated to identify the protesters chanting such slogans and hand over a Memorandum to the Home Minister so that legal action can be taken, draw the attention of the government and take the cyber crime issue to the police.

She also demanded immediate cessation of shameful, inhuman, chaotic and derogatory statements made against the Hon’ble President and Hon’ble Prime Minister through public events, rallies, processions, slogans and digital media.

Deputy Co-ordinator Poudel condemned the use of insulting, indecent, rude and prohibited language and said that ANEM has taken initiative to immediately take action against the perpetrators.

Goma Devkota, Sujita Shakya, Radha Gyawali and other office bearers of ANEM spoke at the press conference. The upcoming programs of ANEM have also been made public at the press conference.

As per the decision of the Secretariat meeting, ANEM will convene a meeting of the central committee on Magh 3 and 4. The subordinate committees will be expanded and mobilized.

After the dissolution of the parliament, the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-M) has unofficially split into two. A group led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda and Madhav Nepal have started protests calling Oli’s move unconstitutional.

The rally, led by two leaders of the movement, chanted highly insulting slogans about the President and Prime Minister. There have been numerous protests against it. At the press conference, leader Shakya said that the leaders leading the protests should take responsibility for such activities.


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