78 killed in floods and landslides so far

KATHMANDU: Seventy-eight people have lost their lives so far in the floods and landslides triggered by continuous rain in various parts of the country while the physical loss is more than Rs 1 billion due to this.

Similarly, 90 people have been injured and five have gone missing so far due to the flooding and landslides that occurred in various parts of the country from June 10 till the morning today, according to the Police Headquarters.

Three hundred and eighty-one cattle heads have died, 98 cowsheds destroyed and 595 houses displaced due to the incidents. Five thousand and forty-one police personnel have been mobilised for disaster management during this period, the Police said.

Floods and landslides have damaged one school and two government office buildings. Forty-one bridges have been swept away. Likewise, 161 houses have been submerged and 116 ropanis of land has been buried by debris.

The Police Headquarters stated that 1,028 disaster-related incidents have occurred due to the incessant rains, resulting in losses equivalent to Rs 1 billion.



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