Ruling party lawmaker Magar urges government not to take action against Nirmal Purja (With video)

KATHMANDU: Ruling party CPN (Maoist Centre) lawmaker Suresh Kumar Ale Magar urged the government not to take action against mountaineer Nirmal Purja, who is accused of sexually harassing a Finnish woman.

Speaking at a National Assembly meeting on Thursday, lawmaker Magar, who is a also senior leader and politburo member of the Maoist Centre, claimed that attempts are being made to take the process of taking action against him ahead that are motivated by prejudice and revenge.

“Attempts are being made to take action against Purja who has set many world records. I want to object and condemn this move. I would like to urge the Chairman to immediately stop action against him,” he said, adding, “He might have violated some rules and for that he should be given soft punishment. But he should not be banned.”

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Magar, an influential leader of the Maoist Centre, objected to the demand that Nirmal Purja should be banned from mountaineering.

Lawmaker Magar was of the opinion that action should not be taken against Purja, who had successfully climbed all 14 mountains in the world above 8, 000 meters from sea level in less than seven months.

Hitman Tamang of the Maoist Centre leads the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Earlier on June 14, CPN (Maoist Centre) lawmaker Kalpana Miya had said that the objectionable comments made in the Parliament against Nepali mountaineer Nirmal Purja, who had made a history by climbing all 14 peaks above 8, 000 metres in 190 days, are not acceptable.

Speaking at the zero hour of the Parliament meeting on Friday, lawmaker Miya had said that Nirmal Purja, who has made Nepal’s name known to the world, should not be treated as a hate figure.

Lawmaker Miya made these remarks in response to lawmaker Rajendra Bajagain’s statement that Nirmal Purja should be banned from entering Nepal.

Meanwhile, the sport inspiring magazine ‘ISPO’ expressed sadness over the allegations of coercion and sexual harassment levelled against world record climber Nirmal Purja, informing that they would wait for the truth to come out.




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