PM Dahal urges intellectuals to advocate for change

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has criticised those spreading misinformation and negativity, claiming they harm the nation’s interests.

Speaking at the sixth national conference of the Nepal Intellectuals’ Organisation today, he emphasized the importance of fostering hope and positive thinking among the populace.

PM Dahal stressed the pivotal role of intellectuals in guiding society toward progress, advocating for clear and open support of historical contributions to the country’s development. “A message should be disseminated positively in favor of forces that contributed to history. You [intellectuals] should speak and write openly in favor of changes without any hesitation,” he stated.

Highlighting the significant contributions of intellectuals to political changes, Dahal recalled their involvement in the revolt, peace process, and constitution-making. He called on intellectuals to protest anti-change activities and promote positivity and hope within society, framing it as their responsibility.

Dahal underscored the need for intellectuals to lead the public mandate towards socialism and emphasized the collective effort required to protect the achievements of the revolution and build the ideological foundation for socialism. Despite acknowledging the challenges, he reaffirmed his commitment to establishing socialism in the country.

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