Guilty of Tikapur massacre will be punished as per law: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has clarified that the action against the guilty of Tikapur massacre would be taken as per the law.

Responding to queries of lawmakers in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that there was an irreparable loss of lives and property in the Tikapur massacre.

He explained that the issue of granting amnesty to the guilty of the incident would be according to law.

Stating that the government was serious on the issue of establishing the identity of economically and socially backward communities including Tharu as well as guaranteeing the rights of the communities through economic and social empowerment, the PM stressed that the government has been launching different programmess through periodic plans, annual policies, programmes and budget.

Prime Minister Dahal underlined that consistency has been maintained in the budget by holding intensive discussion with all bodies concerned on the issue of policies and programmes.

He further said that the government has set a target of transformation in the education sector across the country, clarifying that educational quality in Madhes Province should be improved.

Some of the special programmess– scholarship and day-meal are in implementation to establish access of neglected and oppressed communities to education and the budget of the coming fiscal year has also incorporated additional programmes, mentioned PM Dahal.

The Prime Minister shared that there was no problem in the payment to be provided to construction entrepreneurs. Activities are underway regarding long-term operation of Pokhara International Airport by holding discussion and coordination, he underlined that coordination was on to provide different types of discount and concession to operate service from Pokhara airport as international air service providers of other countries have demanded this.

A working committee has been formed to submit suggestions regarding operation and construction of three international airports including Pokhara in a long-term manner at public private partnership, he added.


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