Kanti Highway comes into full operation from today

PATAN: Transport services have been fully operational on Kanti Highway from today.

The highway was closed for vehicular traffic from March 14 for carrying out repair and maintenance.

Kantilokpath Project Information Officer and Engineer Ravindra Maharjan informed that the road has been repaired and the transport services have been operational from today.

“Cliff cutting works to expand the road has been completed in the narrow part of Karkibas from Ward-3, Bagmati Rural Municipality of Lalitpur to Chhapeli. Similarly, the work has also been completed in Kalche area, in some places where there is a single lane towards Lalitpur, the road expansion bid is yet to be completed due to lack of budget this year.

However, the rest of the work will be completed by next year.  Despite some hindrances in proper completion of the extension works, Kantilokpath is now fully operational for vehicular movement.

It has been 67 years since the construction of this road, which is considered suitable and short in terms of distance, to connect Kathmandu with Hetauda.


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