PM Dahal calls for preserving mountains

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has urged one and all to make more efforts to keep mountains free from pollution and protect them.

Prime Minister Dahal pointed out the need to engage in the protection of mountains by making collaboration and coordination among all bodies concerned.

At a programme organised on the occasion of the 71st International Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) Day here today, he requested all to support the government’s ‘Save Mountain, Save Humanity’ campaign.

Stating that with the rise in temperature due to global effects of climate change, mountains including Sagarmatha face its consequences, the Prime Minister said there are challenges to mitigate the impacts of climate change and implement proper measures for waste management in the mountains.

“There is a need for collaboration and coordination to make mountains pollution-free. The government has adopted a policy of holding dialogue in national and international forums for the same”, he stressed.

” Snow melting, increasing the risk of glacial lakes bursting and increasing air pollution along with temperature rise have been making negative impacts on the human life, civilization, development, lifestyle and health of the people living at low-lying areas of mountains”, he added.

Prime Minister Dahal shared, “Nepal has been advocating for climate justice in national and international arenas, keeping activities to protect mountainous regions and reducing impacts of climate change there in high priority.”

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that the day will inspire all of us to promote tourist arrivals, preserve the mountains, address the issues of garbage disposal in the mountains, take measures to mitigate the impact of climate change there and launch further programmes for climate change adaptation, according to the Prime Minister’s private secretariat.

“Sagarmatha stands as a unique emblem of Nepal’s identity and beauty. This also serves as a hub for biological diversities and it carries historic and cultural identities of the mountain people and the community,” the Prime minister said, adding that the mountain region is a host to environmental facilities, clean water, and clean air to the world, significantly contributing to biodiversity, temperature control and balance, ecological system and the continuity of the human lifecycle.”

Highlighting Nepal’s multifaceted identity on the global stage, the Prime Minister said that natural, cultural, and historical heritages like Sagarmatha and Lumbini are sources of pride for the entire world.

The expedition journey that significantly started with the ascent to Sagarmatha has now been worldwide, he said, adding that the attraction of mountain climbing in Nepal, home to multiple peaks above 8,000 meters, is increasing.

He also said the government is working on related plans, policies, and programs to ensure the safety of mountain climbers and promote their dignity as its prime concern.   The government expects to welcome 1.6 million tourists to the country in the upcoming fiscal year, he added.

He also paid tributes to all those who lost their valuable lives during Everest expeditions, extending heartfelt condolences to the bereaved.


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