Advertisement Board warns legal action against misleading advertisements

KATHMANDU: The Advertisement Board has said misleading advertisements have been found to be published and disseminated in various media, including the social platforms, of late and appealed to one and all to refrain from this.

The Board said it found in the course of carrying out monitoring of various media that misleading advertisements have been placed there for selling at exorbitant price goods and articles including several types of tea, oil, shampoo, drugs, mentioning the drugs can cure any type of health issues.

Noting that even the name of the person and company producing these goods or services were not mentioned in these advertisements, Board’s spokesperson Nishan Raj Gautam said the Board has also received complaints about such advertisements.

According to him, the Clause 15 (b) of the Advertisement (Regulation) Act, 2076 BS has made a provision, according to which any audio, visual and audio-visual advertisement material should be vetted by the Board before disseminating such materials.

Similarly, he said besides the provisions made in Clause (5) of the Regulations for Regulating Advertisements, 2077 BS, the Clause 9 of the Act also has the provision which stipulates for clearly mentioning the name and address of the advertiser.

The Board spokesperson reiterated that the media have been urged to promptly stop broadcasting or publishing the advertisement materials that are being disseminated against these statutory provisions, and to publicize such advertisement materials only after taking permission from the Board.

He warned of initiating legal action if the advertisements are continued to be publicized without taking permission.



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