NC accuses Speaker Ghimire of being biased

KATHMANDU: The main opposition Nepali Congress has expressed dissatisfaction over the role of Speaker Devraj Ghimire, accusing him of being biased.

Determining that the role of Speaker Ghimire in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives was not compatible with his position, a meeting of the NC Parliamentary Party held today raised questions over it.

The party questioned the role of the Speaker, saying the Speaker forwarded the agenda of the Parliament meeting amidst the protest and sloganeering of the opposition party. “A situation where a person in the position of the Speaker of the Parliament is used as a party member undermines the parliamentary norms and values. So, this meeting draws the serious attention of the Speaker to carry out activities in order to protect the parliamentary norms and values’ ‘, reads the decision.

The NC Parliamentary Party meeting blamed the Speaker for forwarding the proposal related to a vote of confidence of the Prime Minister amidst protests and sloganeering of the opposition party and not allowing NC lawmakers to put forth their views.

At a news conference organised to inform about the meeting of the NC Parliamentary Party, Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhak said the Speaker should not behave like a party cadre.  The meeting drew the conclusion that the Parliament meeting should not be run by ignoring the democratic and parliamentary norms and values.

Chief Whip Lekhak mentioned that instead of forming a parliamentary probe committee as per the demand of the opposition parties, it was not appropriate to complete the process of taking a vote of confidence even after having enough time for the same.

All opposition parties in the Parliament including the NC have been demanding formation of a parliamentary probe committee to ensure free and impartial investigation on embezzlement of cooperative funds.


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