Koshi Chief Minister Karki seeking vote of confidence today

BIRATNAGAR: Chief Minister of Koshi Province Hikmat Kumar Karki is set to take a vote of confidence today.

Province Chief Parshuram Khapung has called the fifth session of the Koshi Province Assembly for 11 am today.

He called the meeting in accordance with the Article 183 (1) of the Constitution on the recommendation of the Koshi province government (Council of Ministers) on May 9.

Karki, who was appointed the Chief Minister on May 9, took oath of office and secrecy the same evening.

He has the support from 52 province assembly members, including 39 from CPN-UML and 13 from CPN (Maoist Center).

According to Article 168 (4) of the Constitution and Rule 128 of the Koshi Province Assembly Regulations, 2074 (including the First Amendment), an arrangement has been made for the Chief Minister to take the vote of confidence.


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