World Link starts hashtag campaign in Facebook by misusing employees

KATHMANDU: When Nepal Press, an online news portal, published a series of articles about the revenue envisioned by the internet service provider World Link, the operators were left panic stricken.

They have started a hashtag campaign with an ill intention to undermine the credibility of the news and to spread rumours among the readers.

A flood of ‘sponsored’ responses can be seen in the recent news published in Nepal Press.

Hastang has been used in the responses written in the Facebook Page and news of Nepal Press.

All have the same intention that Nepal Press did injustice by exposing World Link’s tax evasion.

When the profile of the respondents was opened, it has been found  that they are the employees of the World Link.

When a journalist from Nepal Press talked with some employees, they informed him that they had received a circular from the management on condition of not mentioning their names.

“We have received a circular from the top level to comment on the news of Nepal Press putting the hashtag justiceforworldlink. We are compelled to comment on the news to save our jobs even by knowing that the things written in the news are true,” a staffer said.



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