Ranjita suspends Nagarik Unmukti Party Sudurpaschim Parliamentary Party leader Chaudhary

KAILALI: The Nagarik Unmukti Party has suspended its Parliamentary Party leader Ghanshyam Chaudhary for three months.

Party Chairperson Ranjita Shrestha suspended Chaudhary for three months saying that the clarification he sent to the chairperson was not satisfactory.

Earlier, Shrestha had removed Chaudhary from the post of Parliamentary Party leader and given the responsibility to Kailash Chaudhary.

But as the leader should be nominated from the Parliamentary Party and after Shrestha did not see the party decision being implemented, she suspended Chaudhary, it has been said.

Ghanshyam is from the Resham Chaudhary camp.

Shrestha had also suspended lawmaker Indira Giri earlier.




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