Kathmandu tops as world’s most polluted city in terms of AQI

KATHMANDU: Air pollution of Kathmandu Valley has increased following the forest fires that occurred across the country for the past few days.

Based on the Air Quality Index (AQI), Kathmandu has been ranked as the topmost polluted city globally this afternoon, recording an AQI of 200.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Environment, Tara Dutta Bhatta, said there is an effect of forest fire in the air of different cities including Kathmandu.

“The air pollution of Kathmandu had also increased a few weeks ago. It becomes more polluted today,” he mentioned, adding the air pollution would increase until forest fire comes under control.

Similarly, Disaster Management expert Dr Dharma Raj Upreti, said an AQI value of up to 50 is considered good while 51-100 moderate, 100-150 unhealthy and it is highly hazardous if measured 150-200.

Likewise, AQI value from 201 to 300 is considered very unhealthy while 300-400 dangerous and 401-450 very dangerous.

Air Quality Management Action Plan for Kathmandu Valley, 2076, reads that an AQI of more than 300 is considered as a disaster. It has been mentioned in the action plan not to burn garbage, to increase the use of brooms and vacuums to clean the roads to stop such type of disaster as well as to issue public notices to children, senior citizens and patients to take special precautions.

In the National Environment Policy, 2076 BS, it is mentioned that national standards related to prevention of water, air, soil, sound, electricity, magnetic waves, radioactive radiation, and hazardous chemical pollution will be prepared and implemented in order to reduce pollution.

According to the strategy, air, water and sound quality will be mapped by establishing and operating quality measurement centers in areas at risk of pollution including major cities and industrial areas.





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