‘Mithila Mahakumbha’ to conclude today

MAHOTTARI: This year’s Mithila Madhyamiki Parikrama festival is concluding today.

The 15 nights and 16 days’ festival, also known as ‘Mahakumbha of Mithila’, is going to conclude with the circumambulation of inner areas of Janakpurdham.

The final step of this journey is the barefoot walk in the inner area around a circle of 133 kilometers keeping Janakpurdham, the capital of ancient Mithila of Madhes, in the center.

There has been a tradition to circumambulate the Panchakoshi in the morning on the 16th day. In the middle of the journey, the pilgrims stayed for 15 nights in various pilgrimage sites of Nepal and India.

There is a tradition of staying for six nights in Dhanusha, five nights in Mahottari and four nights in Madhubani district of India.

The journey is believed to have been celebrated as a circumambulation since the 18th century. As per tradition, the journey ends on Phagu Purnima by playing Holi.

It is traditionally believed that participating in this circumambulation will help do away with the sins and injustices caused by mind, words and deeds and fulfill one’s wishes along with enlightenment.

Thousands of devotees from Nepal and India took part in the parikrama (circumambulation).


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