RPP CWEC member Thakur Mohan Shrestha attacked outside Lingden’s office (With video)

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party Central Work Execution Committee member Thakur Mohan Shrestha has been attacked outside the office of party Chairman Rajendra Lingden on Sunday.

General Secretary Bikram Pandey’s supporters allegedly attacked Shrestha this morning.

A meeting of the party’s Central Work Execution Committee was held at the party office today.

Shrestha expressed his views when the meeting was discussing party discipline.

While speaking, he raised the issue of corruption and directly called General Secretary Pandey ‘corrupt’. The meeting became tense after that.

Pandey took a serious exception to the statement. The two leaders had a heated discussion for some time at the meeting.

Senior leaders including the Chairman tried to console them. But Pandey said that he would boycott the meeting until Shrestha withdrew his statement.

Chairman Lingden assured that he would take the issue seriously and take action if needed.

Later, the Chairman adjourned the meeting for lunch.

In a video taken by news agency Sarokar, leaders like Rabindra Mishra, Bikram Pandey, Gyanendra Shahi and Roshan Karki were seen walking out of the meeting.

Suddenly Thakur Mohan comes running from the other side. Some people were seen chasing him. They attacked him outside the office of Chairman Lingden.

He, however, managed to escape and entered the office of the Chairman.


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