I changed political equation to make government’s works effective: PM

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has made it clear that he changed the power equation even by taking risks in order to make the government’s works effective.

The PM said so while putting his views on the latest political developments and in reply to the queries of lawmakers in the meeting of the House of Representatives today.

On the occasion, Dahal said he had declared before this in the House that he would not remain in his post if he failed to prove his capability or to bring positive change and raise hope in the country, but he did not get support from some factions in the erstwhile ruling coalition for his commitment.

“I had been telling time and again that I was not satisfied with the government’s pace of work. I had two alternatives – either to protect my post by running an average and ad-hoc government or to work for nation building as per my political resolve even by risking the post. I chose the second option,” the PM said.

He maintained that although his step might seem reflective of uncertainty and unreliable to some, it was in the interest of the country and the people. The PM added that this would be proven from the government’s works and their result in the coming days.

“It is not that as a government we did not achieve notable results in various sectors. However, I wanted speed and dynamism. I was and am not in a state of confining myself in the cage of self-praise for the average results, he said, adding, “Colleagues (in the erstwhile ruling coalition) loved me as a person, but did not do me justice as a Prime Minister highly aspiring for change, good governance and prosperity.”



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