‘New alliance for good governance’

KATHMANDU: Leaders of the new alliance have claimed that the new ruling alliance of four political parties was formed for good governance and smooth service delivery.

Sharing views with media after signing an eight-point agreement at Baluwatar on Monday evening, Deputy General Secretary of CPN (Moist Centre), Barshaman Pun, argued the new alliance was formed as per national need and people’s aspiration. The agreement was reached among the parties having common thoughts on the country’s good governance, social justice and prosperity, he added.

Similarly, General Secretary of CPN-UML, Shankar Pokhrel, said that a common minimum program would be launched after giving the final shape to the Cabinet.

Allocation of ministry will be finalized after discussing with other political parties as well. “Ministry allocation is not a big deal, it will be sorted out easily,” he added.

Vice-Chairman of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), Dr Swarnim Wagle, informed that his party joined the government for economic discipline, accountability and effective service delivery. “There is public despair rife with economic slump and bad governance. So, we want quality and prompt service delivery, which the PM has also taken seriously,” Wagle reminded.

He, however, said his party joined the government, setting conditions and preparing a certain agenda. “RSP stays in government as long as it ensures service delivery. When it fails, it opts for graceful exit,” Wagle made it clear.

Wagle also shared that the RSP has the benefit of doubt in this government.

Leader of Janata Samajbadi Party, Rajendra Shrestha, viewed that his party joined the present government to give direction to the country as per the spirit of constitution. “Eight-point agreement was made in a bid to bolster federalism, good governance, social justice and pave the foundation of socialism-oriented system,” he informed.





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