Around 5.7 million children to be vaccinated against measles

KATHMANDU: A nationwide vaccination campaign against measles-rubella is starting today. The vaccination campaign targeted on all children between nine months to 15 years of age will continue till March 20.

The first phase will cover 24 districts including 21 highly infected districts bordering India and three districts of Kathmandu Valley. Similarly, children from nine months to five years of age in the remaining 53 districts will also be vaccinated. Vaccination will take place in schools and vaccination centers from 10 am to 4 pm every day.

Around 2.1 million children between nine months to five years and 3.6 million between five years and 15 years will be vaccinated, said Chief of Department of Health Services, Child Health and Immunization Section, Dr Abhiyan Gautam.

A total of 48,798 vaccination centres have been set up across the country for the campaign. Similarly, 49,937 health workers and 59,906 volunteers are being mobilized

The vaccination campaign is being carried out with the goal of eliminating measles-rubella by 2026.



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