Fake notes worth Rs 10. 82 million recovered from Sunsari

BIRATNAGAR: Police have recovered fake notes with a face value of Rs 10. 82 million from Inaruwa of Sunsari.

Sunsari police Chief SP Bipin Regmi said that the recovered notes were in the denomination of 1, 000.

He said that the notes were recovered from a Scorpio Jeep bearing an Indian registration number plate from near the Sunsari Bridge in Inaruwa Municipality-4.

Police recovered the fake notes found hidden in the back part of the jeep (BR 11 X 3429) during a regular security check.

Following the recovery of the fake notes, police arrested jeep driver Mohammad Saiyad (22).

Police said that another person, who was travelling in the jeep, is on the run.

SP Regmi said that they are looking into the case.




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