Koshi government, identity-based parties sign five-point agreement

KATHMANDU: The Koshi government and the identity-based parties sign a five-point agreement on Friday.

The government-formed talks committee and identity-based parties’ joint struggle committee inked the agreement this afternoon.

The first points mentioned that the government and the agitating sides will create a conducive environment for re-naming the province as per the Constitution.

The second point stated the agitating sides will take the peaceful political activities ahead by changing the nature of the protests and the government will not use any kind of force.

Similarly, the provincial government is ready to bear the treatment cost of the people injured in the movement and to provide compensation to the deceased families.

According to the fourth point, the provincial government will take ahead the process to release the people arrested in the protests and withdraw the cases filed against those accused of involvement in the movement.

Lastly, the date of the next meeting and venue will be decided by the coordinators of the talks team before February 22.

Lawmakers Kamal Prasad Jabegu, Ganesh Prasad Upreti and Province Secretary Laxmi Prasad Paudel on behalf of the government and Dekendra Singh Thegim, Govinda Bahadur Angbuhang, Yuvaraj Rai and Dibesh Rai on behalf of the agitating sides signed the agreement.




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