House unanimously endorses bill on Anti-Money Laundering

KATHMANDU: A meeting of House of Representatives held on Wednesday unanimously approved the bill on Anti-Money Laundering.

Earlier in the meeting, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gurung, had presented the proposal seeking the endorsement of the bill to amend Acts and laws relating to the prevention of money laundering and promotion of business environment.

The endorsement has opened the way for amendment in a host of laws such as Export-Import (Control) Act-2013 BS, Ship Registration Act-2027 BS, Revenue Act-2034 BS, Tourism Act-2035 BS, Building Act-2055 BS, Insolvency Act-2063 BS, Securities Act-2063 BS, Nepal Rastra Bank Act-2058 BS, Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act-2064 BS.

Criminal Assets and Instruments (Seizure, Control and Confiscation) Act-2070 BS, Money Laundering Prevention Act-2064 BS, Organized Crime Prevention Act-2070 BS, Insurance Act-2079 BS, Cooperatives Act-2074 BS, Foreign Investment and Technology Handover Act-2075 BS, Electricity Regulation Commission Act-2074 BS, Mutual Legal Assistance Act-2070 BS will also undergo amendment with today’s endorsement.

The National Civil (Code) Act-2074 BS and the National Criminal Procedure (Code) Act-2074 BS have been amended through the bill.

The Parliament meeting will be held again at 11 am on February 18.

Speaker Devraj Ghimire said that the parliamentarians could hold a live question and answer session with the Prime Minister on that day.




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