House panel for effective implementation of federalism

KATHMANDU: The National Concerns and Coordination Committee of the National Assembly has instructed the government to increase coordination between the three levels of government and among the ministries for effective implementation of federalism in the country.

The directive was issued based on a study report prepared by the Committee on the basis of discussion with the relevant agencies and experts of the seven provinces. The report was reviewed in Wednesday’s meeting of the Committee.

Chairperson of the committee, Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa (Parbati), said that recommendations and instructions have been given to the government to speed up the development of the laws and structures necessary to outline the rights and jurisdiction between the federal, provincial and local level governments. This should be done on the basis of mutual coordination.

Rawal said that the study found that inter-ministerial coordination of the government is not effective. Furthermore, the national coordination council, provincial coordination council, thematic committees under the federal ministry of federal affairs and general administration are also not functioning effectively.

The committee has directed the federal government to prioritise plans after identifying the needs of the country, to formulate and monitor plans and budgets based on clear criteria, and to implement fiscal federalism effectively.


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