PM directs party lawmakers to play a strong role in favour of people in Parliament

KATHMANDU: CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairperson and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has directed the lawmakers of the party to play a strong role in the Parliament in favour of people.

During the meeting of the CPN (Maoist Centre) Parliamentary Party held at the parliamentary Party office this morning, Chairperson Dahal asked the lawmakers to firmly present the party’s policy and good activities carried out by the government in the Parliament.

He mentioned, “Maximum efforts have been made in favour of good governance, social justice and prosperity. The government has been carrying out good activities. Put these issues strongly in the Parliament.”

Sharing that preparation has been made to bring result-oriented budget for coming fiscal year, PM Dahal added that federal government would not keep the projects below Rs 30 million with it.

He stressed the need of building a common understanding among the parties in the alliance and taking it ahead in a consolidated way. “The federal democratic republic is that system which was achieved due to the initiations of political parties and there is no alternative to us to move ahead by protecting it.”

The Prime Minister utilised the moment to share that the government is applying a new approach in the making of policies and programmes and the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. According to him, the policies, programmes and the budget will provide a room for the citizens and lawmakers to have their say.

Stating that efforts are underway to endorse the Bill relating to the Commission on Truth and Reconciliation and the Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared Persons on the basis of consensus, he said it will in the interest of all of us if consensus is followed to pass the document. “Otherwise, it shall be dealt with a due process.”

In the meeting, the party lawmakers underlined the need of finalising the transitional justice issue through the parliament’s winter session commencing today.






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