39,000 punished for driving under influence of alcohol

KATHMANDU: The Traffic Police has taken action against 39,272 people for driving under the influence of alcohol in the last six months in the country. During the period, 242 people were also found driving under the influence of drugs and penalised.

Of them, those found driving under the influence of alcohol include 18,627 from Kathmandu Valley, 2,524 from Koshi Province, 2,021 in Madhesh, 1,098 in Bagmati, 8,923 in Gandaki, 2,773 in Lumbini, 1,264 in Karnali and 2,042 in Sudur Paschim Province.

During the period, 81 people in Kathmandu Valley, 28 in Koshi, 88 in Gandaki, 20 in Lumbini and 25 in Sudurpaschim Province were penalised for driving under the influence of drugs.

Nepal Police Central Spokesperson and Deputy Inspector General of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal shared that Rs 40 million was collected in revenue from the fine imposed on the traffic violators. He said that priority has been given to check drivers for alcohol and drug consumption so as to ensure safety of passengers, vehicles and the road.

Statistics show that the tendency to drive under the influence of alcohol especially during long-distance journeys leads to sudden and serious accidents. Low presence of traffic police and areas with limited access to CCTV are found with more traffic violators.

“Every driver must drive the vehicle in the right condition in order to save his/her life and the lives of passengers from accidents,” said DIG Dhakal.





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